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Experience the thrill of sliding through the forest on a 2 ½ hour Tarzan and Jane style adventure. Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours will take you into a previously inaccessible realm of nature, moving you between platforms built high within the upper level of indigenous forests and ancient mountain cliffs. Each platform is joined by our spectacular ‘foefie cable slide high above the sparkling river, waterfalls and forest floor.

Relax and absorb the tranquillity of your natural surroundings on each platform. Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours’ trained guides ensure the safety of each group while describing facts about the fauna, flora and ecology of the surrounding environment. Suitable for anyone between 7 and 70. Great for the whole family, nature lovers, thrill-seekers and corporate groups. R660.00pp including light refreshments, transport, lunch, guides, equipment.

Other adventure sports include abseiling, Gecko tubing, kloofing, quad-biking, paintballing, mountain biking and kayaking.

Check out what they have to offer on: 083 866 1546 or 015 276 5096 www.thabametsi.com / www.magoebaskloofcanopytour.co.za


Come closer. That’s what the name Zwakala means and that’s the convivial African spirit behind Magoebaskloof’s first micro-brewery – Zwakala Brewery. Nestled in the Magoebaskloof Mountains, its location is as much its signature as its Award Winning beers and its Blueberry Gin and Tonic on Tap. This charming brewery has enormous windows that overlook the mountains and you can go for a tasting, head out for a picnic or just head for the river with a Zwakala beer in hand. Even better, sleep over at Zwakala River Retreat (within walking distance) to refresh your soul after a few beers! The Brewery is also popular for its wide variety of outdoor games - life-size jenga, badminton & corn hole. These are fun for both adults and kids!Zwakala Brewery:  073 791 6797 /  www.zwakalabrewery.co.za


Fat downy white geese eat grass-heads like spaghetti while young men on a bright red tractor use devil-pronged forks to pile hay into the barn. Floppy-eared goats with quizzical expressions are getting milked while their bovine neighbours take a leisurely stroll back to the fields. Weaving their way through the lush rows of super-sized vegetables and fragrant herbs, Sylvia Thompson and Michael Chauke harvest enough for their weekly orders. Low bells clang comfortingly, geese honk their right of way, bees buzz, goats bleat.… At Wegraakbosch Organic Dairy, see how a real organic farm operates. Cheese made in a copper cauldron. Cheese-making tours and cheese tasting by appointment.
Nipper and Sylvie:  071 687 5218 /  082 853 8754


Merle Payne will whizz you around her studio, showing you her fabulous, funky and ‘must-have-one-before-I-die’ bags, skirts, cushions and wall hangings. One bag sports a space rocket inspired by the comics of the 50’s. A cushion design mimics the Southern Angolan technique of scratching a design into plastic piping and rubbing boot polish into the grooves. And while some of her designs have political messages like her beautiful ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ wall hanging, others are just fun like the colourful Nduna Mieliemeel designs.
Merle Payne: 072 990 8800, www.merlepayne.com, barok@lantic.net


A Garden for all seasons! Cheerio Gardens, with its diverse selection of indigenous and exotic trees explodes in intense shades of yellows, oranges and reds during autumn.
Sarah Hillary  083 355 0835 / sarah@brandcafe.co.za / www.cheeriogardens.co.za

In September the Flowering Cherry trees burst forth in clouds of white and pink blossoms and many visitors flock to the gardens to enjoy the colorful display. Banks of azaleas put up a wonderful display of warm pinks, purples and magenta. The annual Cherry Blossom Spring Festival has celebrated the best Magoebaskloof has to offer for the past 27 years. Held at the Magoebaskloof Hotel and Haenertsburg Village Hall, the fair offers skillfully crafted wares from Gill Dodington’s hand-painted silk scarves to Hazel Roskelly’s organic handmade soaps, Linda Miller’s colourful cushions and quilts or Elspeth Humphries’ unique mirrors decorated with indigenous flowers and butterflies. You will need a giant basket to carry all your tempting treats starting with Persian preserves from Kuhestan Farm; Magriet’s famous rusks; more-ish cheeses from the Wegraakbosch organic farm; Erie Railton’s chunky kiwi jam and blueberry grappa from Callegra farms which is pure addiction in a bottle.


Sequoia Garden Retreat covers about 6 hectares (20 acres), much of it lightly cultivated woodland, some intimate and formal with spaces to meditate, walk through the maze, kayak on the dams, picnic under the trees or just lie on the ground and watch the clouds.

Nicola Veryene:  072 595 3511 / www.sequoiastay.com


Day cruises on the scenically spectacular Ebenezer Dam. Suitable for 10 - 35 people per cruise celebrating birthday parties, small functions, get-togethers of any kind. Bring your meat, we supply the fire and the salads. Fully equipped with braai and toilet facilities.
083 284 5163 | 082 893 0790


The Growth Centre is a unique sanctuary, set in tranquil mountain woodland above Stanford Lake – a far cry from the stress and superficiality of every-day existence. Here one can explore many pathways leading to spiritual awareness and growth. The centre originally housed "Footprints" Pre-Primary School, founded by Colleen Ballenden in 1977, and was filled with little feet taking their first magical steps along the pathway of life. It is still a centre of learning and searching, but now people of all ages are drawn to journey in new ways of holistic healing. There is a selection of library books available for those visitors who simply want to sit and read. Take the fairy walk through the natural forest, absorb the tranquil atmosphere, read in peace, reflect on you precious time in this peaceful sanctuary.

The Growth Centre offers the following healing therapies:
Reiflexology (foot relaxation therapy), reiki, aura cleansing, foot readings, Journey work, Bach flower remedies
Colleen Ballenden: 072 277 4809

Jane Mouldenhauer offers a chakra garden, crystal healing and a full body massage. 015 176 2730 / 082 858 1332 / mountmerrick@telkomsa.net

Mystic Mountain Essential Oils: Essential oils, body butters and carrier oils.
083 953 8010 / www.puressentialoils.co.za

Tour of distillation facility, informative talk and opportunity to purchase unique products.
076 418 1238 / www.thomac.co.za / info@thomac.co.za


Savour the beauty of the African bushveld by accompanying Nature's Way on an exclusive guided game drive in the Polokwane Nature Reserve. Relax and unwind while listening to the soothing rhythmic sound of the African Marimba, sipping sun-downers over an unforgettable sunset, or marveling at the glorious awakening of a bushveld morning. Game drives include scrumptious champagne breakfasts, luncheons or candle-lit dinners.
Nature’s Way: 083 380 2322 / naturesway@telkomsa.net

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Bakone Malapa literally means Bakone Homestead and the village, set on the original site of an ancient village, and has been superbly reconstructed in the traditional Northern Sotho way. This outdoor, living museum is a fascinating place to visit in order to gain some insight into the Sotho culture and traditions. Laid out in a modern and traditional homestead, Bakone Malapa Museum is home to Sotho men and women living in the traditional way. The guide is dynamic in conveying the customs and traditions of the Sotho people in their home, food and drink. Sotho men work on basketware and hunting weapons, while Sotho women follow their traditional culture, making clay pots, grinding maize and laying cow-dung floors in the courtyards. Enjoy the tour, try some traditional beer and buy a decorative cow-dung pot traditionally used for storing seeds.
Located about 9km South of City of Polokwane along the road to Lebowakgomo (Road R 37). 015 295 2432


Deep in the mountains surrounding the fertile Molototsi Valley in Limpopo, lies the royal kraal of a modern legend - Modjadji, the Rain Queen. When Princess Dzugundini fled her home in Zimbabwe after an incestuous scandal in the royal house of the mighty Monomatapa empire in 1580, she headed south taking the rain-making secrets with her. In the first weekend of October each year, a sacred ceremony takes place using rituals passed on from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. In the inner sanctum of the royal kraal of the Balobedu tribe, the’ immortal’ queen calls on the ancestors to help her bring the gift of rain to the fields and rivers but also to use fierce storms and floods to keep her enemies at bay.

Although you will not be able to see the Rain Queen, her presence is felt in the 350 hectare Cycad Reserve where you can walk amongst the oldest and largest concentration of a single species of cycads in the world, some growing up to 13 metres high with cones weighing up to 34 kilograms. These living fossils were flourishing over 200 million years ago and may even have been munched by dinosaurs. This particular species of cycad, encephelartos transvenosus is also known as ‘Modjadji’s Palm’ or ‘Mofaka’ and is considered sacred by the Bolobedu people. So precious are these cycads that they require a permit with purchase and many of the larger specimens have been microchipped to prevent their theft.
Modjadji Royal Kraal: Mr Molokwane: 072 869 7678
Modjadji Cycad Forest: 078 615 6920


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Established on a 300h farm on the source of a mountain stream with spectacular views, Mountain Flyfishing offers you an ideal opportunity of getting away from the stress of everyday life and unwinding in a relaxed and beautiful environment. The Fly-fishing is excellent here! Apart from the seven fully stocked dams on the property, you also have access to exclusive still waters and catch-and-release in river stretches on a range of privately owned land, including portions of the Broederstroom River. The Farm is also ideal for hiking and mountain biking, making it a perfect venue for the whole family.
083 255 7817 | pirie@mweb.co.za | www.mountainflyfishing.co.za


The area is well-known for trout and bass fishing. Ebenezer Dam has some good fishing but not all waters are open to the public. Permits for Haenertsburg Trout Association waters for members and non-members available at Haenertsburg Liquor Store in Rissik Street.
015 276 4765


Enjoy game viewing on well bred Egyptian Arabian Horses at Silver Mist Resort.
073 247 9086 www.silvermistresort.co.za

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See the world from a different angle with Louis Jordaan.
084 556 2414 | satvik@pixie.co.za


Island Blue Tufa Waterfall:
Wolkberg. Access only through Rheebokvlei. Please arrange for a key.
082 661 5526

Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve:
The entrance to this reserve is at Ofcolaco on the R36 and it takes visitors up to the area called 'The Downs'. This is a vast area with beautiful views and grasslands. Visit the Pioneers Graves and 'Kerkbos'. These is a well-equipped bush camp managed by Limpopo Parks.
015 290 7355

Lesodi Hiking Trail - Magoebaskloof:
This trail starts at the Magoebaskloof Hotel and winds its way through the indigenous forest of Magoebaskloof Valley. The trail takes about two and a half hours to complete. maps available at the hotel and Sandford Heights Nursery.
015 276 4880 / 082 893 0790

Louis Changuion Trail - Haenertsburg Village:
Starting in the village, the 10km long trail takes approximately 4 hours to complete. It meanders through natural grasslands and indigenous forests. Maps are found at various shops in the village.
082 893 0790 / 015 276 4880

Magoebaskloof Hiking Trails:
These trails are situated on the escarpment close to Haenertsburg. Hikers are offered several options of two to five day trails. Well positioned. Overnight huts. Rooikat Hiking Trail in the New Agatha Forest: This trail winds through the new Agatha Forest and takes hikers past rapids, steams and cascades.
013 754 2724 / www.komatiecotourism.co.za

Wolkberg Wilderness Area:
There are no specific trails marked in the Wolkberg, but visitors can park their vehicles at Serala Forest Station and walk into the mountain area. Please take care as the weather can change very quickly. Be well equipped!


Many of the Eucalyptus trees planted more than a century ago by Eastwood and O’Connor have reached impressive heights measuring up to 80 metres; the tallest group of cultivated Eucalyptus in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2003 the highest of these trees was measured by a land surveyor at 81.5m tall but crashed from fame in a storm in 2006. Professional tree climbers Leon Visser and Charles Green recently led an expedition to find the newest Champion Tree, measuring 79 metres tall. This tree, and its neighbour, just half a metre shorter, have been dubbed the Twin Giants of Magoebaskloof and are constant landmarks to hikers on the Woodbush Trails.

OTHER PLACES OF INTEREST: Check out MountainGetaways for the best information on the area: www.mountaingetaways.co.za

Agatha Crocodile Ranch:
Offering adventurous daily tours through the ranch, an opportunity to touch a baby crocodile and also to feed the bigger crocodiles, a curio shop and local art gallery.
015 307 4398 / www.agatha-crocodile.co.za

Debegeni Waterfall:
Situated at the bottom of the 'Kloof', approximately 20km from Haenertsburg. Picnic spots and swimming.

Visit this dynamic embroidery project in Letsitele. Showroom and tea garden. Not open during weekends.
082 802 3682 / www.kaross.co.za

Kuhestan Organic Farm:
Situated at the crest of Magoebaskloof Pass this organic farm encompasses Persian kilim showroom, small Persian preserves factory, beautiful gardens. Please visit by appointment.
082 903 7593 / www.kuhestan.co.za

Tsonga Kraal Museum:
Another attraction within the boundaries of the Hans Merensky Nature Reserve. Built exclusively of traditional material the kraal showcases the many traditional building styles of the North Tsonga.
082 802 3682 / 015 386 8727

Haenertsburg Cemetery:
Historic and serene with beautiful views of the village and mountains, it is here where the graves of the pioneers of this area can be found. Every once in a while, when the moon is full, and the wind is still, the villagers go up to the cemetery with a picnic basket to enjoy the view and the serenity.

Santa Rosa Labyrinth:
The Santa Rosa Labyrinth is a seven circuit labyrinth situated within the Arboretum in the south eastern corner of the Market Square in Haenertsburg. Found in ancient and modern civilizations labyrinths are used as tools for meditation and centering. Do not rush your walk - enjoy the experience.


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