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Kurisa Moya offers a unique experience - a Sotho Village Tour or Home-stay where you are welcomed into the home of families living in the Ga-Malahlela Village near Kurisa Moya. Set in bushveld plains surrounded by granite outcrops, Ga-Malahlela has amazing views over the fields of maize to the mountains beyond. These modern Sotho villages still follows the cultural traditions of the siPedi-speaking people. The chief is still well-respected and weddings or funerals are big community affairs.

In this beautiful natural, rural setting, an experienced guide will show you the fascinating world of Sotho Culture. Visit a traditional healer, the local tavern, play soccer with the kids, milk the cows, join the children singing a song at the crèche, pick mielies in the field, carry water in a bucket on your head and join in any community celebration happening at the time. On Saturdays, the chief’s representatives settle disputes at the Lekgotla – the village meeting place under the tree, while weddings and funerals are open to all.

As you settle into the rhythm of village life, the cow bells and the rhythmic pumping of water or the chopping of firewood blend with the exuberant voices of kids playing soccer or of women discussing the day’s events. The wafting smell of cooking fires promises delicious treats to come.

You will help ‘your’ family with the daily chores of collecting wood and water, herding the cows and goats and preparing the family meal. After you have enjoyed your traditional Sotho meal, you can sit around the campfire and hear the Sotho myths and legends, still relevant to the modern villagers.

This fascinating look into real South African village life is an opportunity few tourists get to have. It will enrich you and leave you with the knowledge that you have truly experienced Africa.

Speak to Lisa or David about organizing a half-day or full day tour or an overnight stay with your welcoming village hosts. From R800.00 per person including a light traditional lunch.

Day Tours:

For guests that want to experience and visit more of the area, Kurisa Moya work together with local accredited guides to offer a variety of experiences. The guides will come and pick you up at Kurisa Moya and guide you through the area of your interest for the day; and return you to your lodge after a fascinating outing. A wide variety of trips are possible.


This includes a visit to some local taverns and shebeens, a traditional African meal, a visit to a sangoma (Traditional African healer) and some traditional music and dance.


This is a day spend in the Magoebaskloof / Haenertsburg area, visiting Debengeni Falls, Sapeco Tea estates, Modjadji Nature Reserve (Home of the Rain Queen) and various other local attractions.


A trip to local artist, curio sites and galleries in the area.







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"The cultural tour was outstanding. I really enjoyed the visit to the villages and David provided great insight into the history and traditions of the indigenous people. The very bright students at the school were impressive . The experience left me with a great appreciation and a better understanding of the South African people."

- Lorna Lewis, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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