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Kurisa Moya is a wonderful place for well-behaved hounds to visit. There are 7 trails in various habitats, 2 dams to swim in and lots of new smells to follow. There is nothing better than enjoying a holiday with your hounds and you are welcome to bring them to Kurisa Moya but there are some things to take note of:

  • The gardens are not fenced, so your hound cannot be "shut in" if you go off anywhere.
  • Some of the wild animals can be dangerous for dogs if your dog chases them. (baboons, bushbuck)
  • There are ticks in the long grass, so dogs should be ‘frontlined or bravecto-ed’ before you come.
  • Our staff are not responsible for the care of your dog or its "landmines"
  • All bowls, bedding etc must be brought by you and care must be taken in the venue with regard to muddy feet on carpets, not allowing dogs onto sofas and beds etc.
  • Our other guests are coming to Kurisa Moya for peace and tranquillity, so they don't want to be disturbed by barking dogs, or "accosted" by dogs. We ask you to be aware of the other guests, particularly if you are near their venues
  • Your dog cannot be left alone at the venue if you go elsewhere
  • We ask for a set fee towards extra cleaning per dog per weekend.
  • We ask you to sign an indemnity form agreeing that you have understood all these issues and take full responsibility for your hound.

We have never had any problems with dogs at Kurisa Moya because pet-parents know if their hound has the right kind of bush-wise personality for this kind of holiday. Please ask if you have any further questions.

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